Robert Downey Jr.’s Manager Reportedly Responsible For Him Unfollowing MCU Co-Stars

Iron Man

Just a few days ago, Marvel Cinematic Universe fans were shocked to discover that Robert Downey Jr. had unfollowed the majority of his former cohorts on social media. Calling it a storm in a teacup would be an understatement, with all sorts of wild theories making the rounds in the aftermath, as is the case when anything happens online these days.

The latest update is perhaps the least shocking outcome imaginable, after it was claimed RDJ’s manager was responsible, dropping the bombshell that the incredibly busy and phenomenally wealthy actor doesn’t even operate his own social media channels. However, delegating those duties would have surely fallen to his longtime personal assistant and close friend Tommy Rich, who tragically died in a car crash earlier this year.

The logic behind removing all traces of the MCU from his online activity is sound. Iron Man and Tony Stark will always be the role most closely linked to Downey Jr., and he’s evidently grateful for the opportunity that came his way and revived his failing career to turn him into one of the highest-paid and most popular movie stars of the modern era, but his time under the suit is over. At least, until one of those many rumors comes to fruition.

Robert Downey Jr. has been in the game for over 50 years now since debuting as a child actor, so he’ll be fully aware of the need for reinvention. He can’t lean on the MCU forever, just like it couldn’t lean on him, but the residual benefits will continue to be a huge boost to both parties for the foreseeable future as he moved firmly onto pastures new.