MCU Fans Freaking Out After Robert Downey Jr. Unfollows Marvel Cast Members

Iron Man

We’ve all done it. Now and then, you decide to clear up the number of accounts you follow on social media and make the tough choice to unfollow some people you’ve lost contact with, like ex co-workers. Well, when you’re Robert Downey Jr., that simple act can cause widespread shock and distress online. This week, Marvel fans realized that the Iron Man actor has unfollowed all of his fellow MCU stars on Instagram. And they are freaking out.

As word spread, the MCU fandom became desperate to know the reason behind Downey’s surprising social media behavior.

“This is so upsetting.”

“It’s like the end of an era.”

Why, Mr. Stark, WHY?!

“Answer me!”


At least he still follows the likes of Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo and Tom Holland on Twitter.

So, what is going on here? Has Downey had a massive bust-up with his Avengers co-stars? Uh, no, we’re pretty sure he hasn’t. If you take a look at who Downey is following on Instagram, you’ll see he’s only following 43 accounts – and there aren’t any other actors among them. Instead he’s limited his feed to organizations, brands, CEOs and leading figures in other fields.

Again, he’s still following his old Marvel pals on Twitter, which may change soon if Downey decides to shake up his Twitter feed as well, or it might not. If he does remove them from his Twitter, then it seems likely the star is just going on a social media purge and isn’t snubbing his MCU family specifically. The OG Avengers, in particular, have always had a strong bond so that’s unlikely to change anytime soon.

Fans don’t need to worry about some dramatic falling-out, then, though it’s understandable why Downey’s Instagram activity is getting to folks so much. It does further bring home the idea that Robert Downey Jr. is done with the franchise. Well, until those Ironheart and What If…? rumors are maybe proven true.