Robert Downey Jr. Gets Absolutely Pummeled For Children’s Birthday

Robert Downey Jr. has taken on many roles in his lifetime. From Tony Stark to Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Dolittle, he’s wowed audiences of all ages with an impressive career playing the kind of characters that stick with you.

Downey’s most incredible role of all, however, is that of a father, and he recently proved that to his seven-year-old daughter by granting a unique and very particular birthday dream come true.

Like any great dad would Downey answered the birthday wish of his daughter by becoming a human pinata. The video is an adorable show of adoration for his little girl and several of her friends who chose violence at the party — in a fun way.

If it’s mob violence Avri and the kids want, it’s mob violence they’ll get. Downey shared the kids having pummeled him to the ground in a follow-up video, still celebrating their victory over the life-sized pinata.

Fans loved the videos, referencing lines from Marvel about heroes and armies, wondering how Avri and her friends would hold up in the MCU. Many fans also shared their adoration for Downey, calling him a terrific — and fun, father.

Downey is a doting father and husband, and it’s clear that his family means the world to him. Happy Birthday, Avri!