Robert Pattinson Badly Wants To Play A Superhero

Wherever he goes, Robert Pattinson carries “that Twilight movie” with him, so it’s safe to say that his reputation with fanboys and regular dudes needs some shining up. His newest film, David Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis, could help change opinion among guys when it comes out in August, but in an interview on CBC Television (via ComicBookMovie), Pattinson has some pretty geek-friendly comments about The Dark Knight, namely Heath Ledger‘s performance as The Joker.

In talking with CBC’s George Stroumboulopoulos, Pattinson describes Ledger’s performance as a game changer:

“You know, I always thought after The Dark Knight, for instance, it makes tons and tons of money, and Heath is doing something just outside – and people understand what he’s doing, it’s not like he’s not doing something totally crazy, but it’s just slightly outside the box of what people are used to seeing, and I really thought that was going to change everything about how the big budget movies are made. But it didn’t, at all. If every single actor wasn’t afraid of trying to do something slightly abstract and not concerned about their movie making tons and tons of money, then eventually the industry would change.”

Pattinson was later asked if he hope to achieve a similarly iconic performance:

“I think you can once. I don’t know how many other times. I’m desperately trying to get a superhero movie now.”

So Edward Cullen’s role of a lifetime would be getting a superhero role. I’m sure Warner Bros. (the DC heroes) and Marvel Studios have taken note, as Pattinson has a hook on the female demographic. Sounds like he’d prefer a character role to a hero, but he could be a good fit for one of the many Justice League heroes DC has plans to bring to life.

Who would you be interested to see Pattinson play in the comic universe?

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