Warner Bros. Will Give The Justice League Heroes Their Own Films

So we all know that Warner Bros. is going ahead with a Justice League film, right? No surprises there. All we know though is that the film is currently in the scripting phase and it will attempt to bring a whole handful of superheroes together on screen, similar to what Marvel did with The Avengers.

After the news broke, the big question on everyone’s mind was whether these heroes would get standalone films, like Marvel did with their characters. Today, we have our answer.

Variety is reporting that Warner Bros. will indeed be giving each hero their own film. The studio is working on movies for Aquaman, The Flash, Green Arrow, Lobo, The Suicide Squad and Shazam.

Admittedly, we knew about some of these already but this is the first update that we’ve received in quit a while and it confirms that the studio still plans to go ahead with the above mentioned films.

As for Green Lantern, the studio is still undecided as to whether they should bring Ryan Reynolds back.

Apparently Warner Bros. is looking to Marvel for inspiration and “it is important for them to find the right creatives who understand the characters in the same way Joss Whedon so clearly did with Marvel’s The Avengers.”

The article also goes onto mention that the studio is currently looking at ways to reboot the Batman franchise now that Christopher Nolan is done with it. Good luck with that one guys!

On that note, Warner has also put “increasingly more control of its DC films in Nolan’s hands.” Does this mean that Nolan may somehow be involved with some of these other superheroes? I wouldn’t doubt it. Although now that he’s done with the Batman films, he may need a break from the superhero universe.

Only time will tell but either way, Warner Brothers has some very ambitious and exciting plans ahead of them and as a fan of the superhero genre, I really hope that it works out just as well as it did for Marvel.