Robert Pattinson Becomes Batman In Bone-Crushing Fan-Made Trailer


Now that Robert Pattinson has been officially cast as the Dark Knight for Matt Reeves’ The Batman, all we can do is wait until more news trickles out of Hollywood. But in the meantime, some talented fans are helping us gaze into the crystal ball.

In this instance, it’s Billy Crammer assembling a trailer of his own. Embedded at the top of this article, it shows a young Bruce Wayne setting out on his journey to becoming Gotham City’s protector. Though I don’t see Reeves adhering as close to the Batman Begins formula, it has been stated that the flick will feature a Caped Crusader during his earlier years on the job. That said, we can’t rule out some flashbacks here and there.

What this edit does do, though, is that it gets across the point how Pattinson has been in movies other than Twilight. Hey, there’s a reason why he landed this gig and impressed the suits enough to best Nicholas Hoult during the screen testing process. My gut tells me Robert did something right while in costume.

For the most part, footage from Pattinson’s previous movies was utilized for the Bruce Wayne portions. When it comes to Batman, however, snippets from DC Universe’s Titans series and the Batman: Arkham Knight video game were plucked for good measure. Actually, I believe I spotted some stuff from Injustice 2 near the end as well.

As for the villains, you should’ve been able to catch both Riddler and Two-Face in the midst of those quick cuts from Arkham Knight. So far, both of those baddies have been said to appear in the movie, so it’s nice to see that continuity retained.

The Batman arrives in theaters on June 25th, 2021.

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