Robert Pattinson glowers in new images from ‘The Batman’

the batman

Robert Pattinson has more than proven himself as one of the most daring, dedicated and committed talents of his generation, so casting him to play the title hero in The Batman was as exciting as it was unexpected.

Inevitably, some folks struggled to see past the fact that he’d starred in The Twilight Saga almost ten years previously, but they didn’t have much of an issue with rom-com veteran Chris Evans playing Captain America for a decade, or the guy that played the Tooth Fairy headlining Black Adam.

Based on his track record over the last few years, though, we’re expecting a special performance from Pattinson when The Batman comes to theaters in less than twelve weeks. Two new images from Empire now show both sides of Bruce Wayne’s dual personality, and you can check them out below.

We’re due at least one more trailer from The Batman before the marketing campaign kicks into high gear, and it can’t come soon enough after the rapturous reception that greeted the DC FanDome spot. The Dark Knight gets rebooted for every generation, but we’re confident that Reeves and Pattinson will find a way to put a brand new spin on a comic book icon that never goes out of fashion.