Robert Pattinson Is Reportedly WB’s Preferred Batman

The Batman

Shocking news isn’t a new occurrence in Hollywood, especially when it comes to news surrounding studios as large as Warner Bros. and Marvel, to name a few. But this news that I’m about to share with you will definitely come as a shock.

Sources close to We Got This Covered have revealed that Warner Bros. reportedly view Robert Pattinson as their preferred Batman and the best version of the character yet. Pattinson, starring as Bruce Wayne in the upcoming movie The Batman, must certainly be surprised by this rumour. It’s been made more apparent over the last few weeks the alleged disdain that Pattinson and director Matt Reeves have for each other. To put a neat bow around the rumours, Pattinson has reportedly claimed he wouldn’t work with Reeves again. How this leads to WB reportedly believing that Pattinson is the best Batman yet must mean there’s more to this story, or they didn’t view the past Batmans very highly (no shock there).

Having such disputes between your main star and Director of such a high budget film must not be an ideal situation for WB. Nonetheless, indications point to this moving being successful, so it’s clear that WB must have some sort of strategy to reconcile these alleged disagreements between Pattinson and Reeves – or one can simply hope. On the other hand, if this isn’t the case and Pattinson is the preference, where does that leave Reeves?

As always, this is still pure conjecture and remains unverified. One will need to wait and see till The Batman debuts and how quickly WB moves to producing a sequel, if they ever do.