Robert Pattinson Joins James Marsh’s Hold On To Me

After showing off his leading man skills in Cosmopolis (sorry, Twilight doesn’t count), Robert Pattinson is looking to expand his horizons and take on some more serious roles. One of which is the thriller Hold On To Me, a film that currently has Carey Mulligan attached.

Directed by James Marsh, who brought us Man on Wire, the film tells the “true story of a girlfriend (Mulligan) and boyfriend who plan to kidnap the richest man in their town and hold a ransom. When they bury him underground, things start to go, expectedly, downhill.”

Along with starring in David Michod’s The Rover and the upcoming Mission Blacklist, which revolves around the capture of Saddam Hussein, the young actor is making some very smart post-Twilight career decisions.

Like I’ve said before, I’m a supporter of Robert Pattinson, I don’t think he’s an Oscar quality actor but I do think that he has a lot more talent than what we’ve seen from him in the Twilight films.

A lot of people downplay his abilities due to his involvement in that series but I’ve seen him in all his non-Twilight work and I must say, the man has talent.

Here’s hoping that Hold On To Me works out well and earns the actor the respect and recognition he deserves.