Robert Pattinson loved doing ‘roly-polies’ in his 60lb Batsuit

Image via Warner Bros. / The Batman

Robert Pattinson and Zoë Kravitz sat down with Good Morning America in the lead-up to the world premiere of The Batman next month. The highly anticipated film with Pattinson as Batman and Kravitz as Catwoman — or Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle respectively, is sure to become a can’t miss superhero-sized blockbuster.

During their interview with GMA, Pattinson talked about the Batsuit and how he actually got to audition in George Clooney’s suit. Indeed a monumental occasion, he said it was also a situation that left him with “no fluid in his body” as he was sweating so much; he said the experience left him nervous about the whole thing.

Of course, when he was cast as Batman, he got a tailor-made suit, and while it was pretty heavy, Pattinson realized that he could have a lot of fun with it. In fact, he even did ‘rolly-pollies” in it. Take a listen to the pair as they reminisce upon Pattinson in his suit with laughter.

“When I put on the one I had made for me, it’s so incredibly well designed. It’s pretty heavy – it’s probably about 60lbs – but it was so well articulated that you could… I mean, as soon as I put it on I started doing, I keep calling them ‘roly-polies.'”

Roly-polies are flips and cartwheels, but we’re never calling them anything but roly-polies ever again. You can see Pattinson and Kravitz in The Batman on March 4, and we’ve got our fingers for a blooper reel full of roly-polies.