Robert Pattinson Reportedly Being Quite Difficult To Work With On The Batman

The Batman

Almost every major blockbuster finds itself the subject of salacious gossip at some stage during production, and the bigger the project the juicier it gets. Of course, as one of the most hotly-anticipated movies on the horizon, one that’s already been shut down twice due to the Coronavirus pandemic, The Batman is no stranger to rumor and hearsay.

Leading man Robert Pattinson recently tested positive for COVID-19, forcing him to isolate for two weeks, which brought production on Matt Reeves’ reboot to a halt not long after shooting had initially resumed. However, the conspiracy theorists out there must have gotten a real kick out of the claims made by YouTuber Doomcock, who isn’t exactly the most reliable source of inside information, that the whole thing was a cover story put together to distract from the fact that Pattinson had returned to the set in the sort of physical condition that was unbecoming of a superhero.

Completely ignoring the moral aspect of using a deadly virus that’s claimed over a million lives to cover up the fact that they had to send the actor home because he didn’t spend all of his downtime in the gym, the rumor never seemed to hold much weight, especially when set photos have shown the cast and crew hard at work with Pattinson front and center.

However, filmmaker Gary J. Tunnicliffe has now chimed in on the gossip as well and claims that the unsubstantiated reports could indeed be true, as he’s heard from those within the industry that the former Twilight star isn’t making things easy on set.

“All I’ve heard was that there was definitely tensions between Matt Reeves and Robert Pattinson, and that he was being quite difficult to work with.”

Overlooking the fact that Tunnicliffe appears to have no connection whatsoever to anyone that’s prominently involved in The Batman, the latest rumors from the director of Hellraiser: Judgment and writer of Megaladon should be taken with a large pinch of salt. That being said, there isn’t the first we’re hearing of there being some trouble behind the scenes and we can only hope that the studio has been able to resolve whatever it is that’s going on.