Robert Pattinson Reportedly Pushing To Make The Batman 2 Even Darker

The Batman

All we’ve seen of The Batman so far is one two-minute trailer that debuted just over a year ago, with DC not giving us any more content since due to the Matt Reeves’ movie being delayed into 2022. Thankfully, that trailer did a terrific job of conveying the tone of the film, promising that fans can expect a gritty, grounded take on the Dark Knight’s universe that’ll have more in common with a detective thriller than a typical superhero blockbuster.

The trailer packed in a brutal murder, a masked serial killer (Paul Dano’s Riddler) and the Caped Crusader beating one street kid into a pulp. By the looks of it, Reeves is trying to go even darker than Christopher Nolan’s TDK trilogy and maybe even Zack Snyder’s version, too. And that’s something that may only increase as the franchise continues, if its leading man gets his way.

According to tipster Daniel Richtman, Robert Pattinson is pushing to make The Batman 2 ever darker. As per this rumor, the British star is campaigning for the sequel to the upcoming reboot of the character to push the boundaries even further and really lean into the more mature side of the hero’s world. At this stage, it’s unclear if Reeves is on board with this kind of thinking as well. There has been much talk of the star and the director having some major creative disagreements, remember.

It’s not all that surprising to hear that Pattinson wants more darkness. From what he’s said in interviews, including that infamous comment about Batman not being a superhero, the actor was drawn to the part because of Bruce Wayne’s complicated psychology and broken personality. He’s not in it for the chance to wear a bat-eared costume, then, so obviously he wants things to get grimmer and gloomier next time around.

There’s still a while to wait until we get to see the first one, however. The Batman is set to swoop into cinemas on March 4th, 2022.