Robert Pattinson’s Reportedly Recovered From COVID-19, Doing Fine Now

Robert Pattinson

There was a flurry of concern from his fans a couple of weeks ago when The Batman shut down production again due to Robert Pattinson testing positive for COVID-19. Though it’s yet to be met with an official announcement, it’s being reported now that filming in the UK is either resuming this week or already has resumed. Likewise, Pattinson is said to be doing “fine,” having recovered from the virus, and will be suiting up again for the shoot over the next few days.

When we first heard that The Batman had halted production at the beginning of the month, it was just said that a cast/crew member had come down with the coronavirus. It then transpired that this was none other than Pattinson. We never got an official statement on this, per se, but Warner Bros. boss Ann Sarnoff did make some comments to the press to assure people that everything was under control.

Given the studio’s reluctance to say too much about the on-off nature of the shoot, it’s likely we won’t be getting an announcement that it’s back up and running again. We don’t even know if Pattinson actually showed any symptoms of the virus or if he just tested positive. Either way, he’s apparently free to get back to work, now that additional safety precautions have been employed on set.

In related news, we recently got a new promo poster for the movie (see above) which gave us a clearer look at the Batsuit, following on from the trailer that dropped at DC FanDome. Batman On Film, meanwhile, claims that our next teaser could be set to arrive in December, though that’s yet to be confirmed.

We know that director Matt Reeves only shot 25% of the footage before the original production was halted, though, so there’s still a lot left to do before The Batman – which we hope is the first of many appearances from Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne – hits theaters in October 2021.