Robin Hood Remake Officially In Development For Disney Plus

Robin Hood Disney

Prepare to return to Sherwood Forest, as Disney is officially moving forward with a Robin Hood remake. The advent of Disney Plus has given the Mouse House a whole other outlet through which to produce their never-ending procession of reboots, and a new version of the classic 1973 animated movie is the latest to be heading to the streaming service.

The Hollywood Reporter broke the news this afternoon, confirming We Got This Covered’s scoop from last year, when we first reported that the project was in development. The trade writes that Blindspotting director Carlos Lopez Estrada has been hired to helm, based on a script from Kari Granlund. While Estrada is also known for directing an episode of Marvel series Legion, Granlund has history with Disney remakes, having penned last year’s Lady and the Tramp do-over. He likewise provided the script for D+’s Godmothered, which was due to shoot this spring but has been delayed.

As we all know, what marked the original Robin Hood out from the slew of other movies based on the folk hero was Disney’s decision to turn the characters into anthropomorphic animals. THR confirms that this concept will be carried over to the remake as well. As with Lady, the animation will be replaced with a live-action/CG format.

Of course, the 1973 flick is also famous for its songs – “Love” was nominated for an Oscar and every Disney fan knows “Oo De Lally.” And unlike others, the new one will be a musical, too.

THR notes that deals with the talent were settled prior to Hollywood going into lockdown. That may mean Granlund can continue with his script pretty much on schedule during this period. As such, the Robin Hood remake may escape a significant delay.

While we wait for further news, then, let us know how you feel about Disney giving the thieving fox the reboot treatment in the comments section down below.