Robin Wright Confirms She’s Returning For Wonder Woman 1984


Robin Wright’s General Antiope was a fine example of Amazon battle prowess in Wonder Woman and it was a damn shame to see her meet an untimely end thanks to a German bullet in the ‘defending Themyscira’ sequence. Still, that meant she got to skip over the dreadful Justice League (mostly), so this particular cloud has a silver lining.

Now, Wonder Woman 1984 is hoping to capture some of the same sparkle that made the original the undisputed highlight of the DCEU, so it’s perhaps not much of a surprise that they’ve found a way to bring Wright’s character back for one last hurrah. The news comes from the actress herself, who recently gave an illuminating interview with Net-A-Porter.

Among other things, she discussed how House of Cards was nearly axed after the Kevin Spacey sexual assault allegations, her opinion on whether he could make a comeback and, right at the end, a throwaway mention that she’s going to be shooting a flashback sequence for the upcoming sequel alongside Connie Nielsen’s Hippolyta.

I’m not going to moan about more Antiope in Wonder Woman 1984but with both Chris Pine and her returning, it’s starting to look like everyone who snuffed it in the original is going to make it into the sequel. Who knows, maybe we’ll get David Thewlis’ Ares returning as well? That said, this is a flashback sequence and there are persistent rumors that Pine’s resurrection isn’t quite what it appears to be.

With filming currently underway in Washington, Alexandria, London, Spain and the Canary Islands, we’re slowly getting a better idea of what Patty Jenkins has in mind for Wonder Woman 1984. And if it can live up to the very high bar set by the original, then Warner Bros. are onto a superhero winner here, and god knows they need one right about now.

Source: Net-A-Porter