Robin Wright To Play Superhero In Wonder Woman, According To Her Daughter



Speculation is rife surrounding Robin Wright’s role in Wonder Woman, though a new report emerging today has claimed the House of Cards actress will be stepping into the shoes of a superhero.

The source of this new rumor? Wright’s daughter Dylan Penn, who featured in a piece conducted by The Hollywood Reporter on the eve of Sunday’s Golden Globes awards ceremony. When quizzed about whether her mother would attend the show, Penn revealed that Wright is still in preparations for Warner Bros. Wonder Woman film, where she is purportedly “training to be a superhero.”


At least, that’s according to Dylan Penn’s quote, and it could well be that she meant to say that Wright is training to be in a superhero feature, rather than actually donning a cape and costume. There is, of course, a small possibility that Penn has inadvertently teased the true extent of her mother’s part in Patty Jenkins’ anticipated offshoot, and here’s the full extract from THR (via ComicBook) for you to judge yourself.

9:21 p.m. – THR asks Dylan Penn if she’s headed to Sunday’s Globes with her mother. “No, she’s not going,” she answers. “She’s training to be a super hero for a movie.” That movie is the upcoming Wonder Woman reboot.

Up until now, all signs pointed to Robin Wright assuming the role of Queen Hippolyta, mother to Gal Gadot’s Amazonian Warrior, though Warner Bros. has remained hush hush about her official part in the ensemble. Expect to learn much more soon, given that WB is likely to premiere the first footage for Gadot’s solo movie in tandem with Dawn of Justice in March.

Wonder Woman eased into production at the tail-end of last year ahead of its planned release on June 23, 2017.

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