The Rock’s Black Adam Enters The DCEU In Epic Fan-Made Shazam! Trailer


It’s been years since Dwayne Johnson was announced to have signed up to play anti-hero Black Adam in the DC Extended Universe, and yet we’ve still to see the megastar turn up in the franchise. We’re not even sure when he’ll make his debut.

Originally, the actor was set to play the villainous role in Shazam!but it’s since been revealed that this won’t be the case. Instead, a Black Adam solo film is apparently in the works, though it doesn’t seem like that’s being hurried into production (and in fact, may not even happen anymore).

Now, however, one fan’s decided that we’ve done enough waiting and has imagined what the aforementioned Shazam! would look like if DC decided to keep Johnson’s anti-hero in the pic. Coming to us from YouTube user Stryder HD, who’s delivered all kinds of awesome fan-made trailers in recent months, the footage here actually overlays Dwayne Johnson’s face and the Black Adam costume on top of Henry Cavill’s Superman, making for an impressive effect.

Elsewhere in the preview, we see Morgan Freeman as the wizard who grants both Shazam! and Adam their powers, while there’s also a shot of what Stryder imagines Zachary Levi will look like fully suited up as the titular hero. That’s something we haven’t had the chance to see yet aside from in leaked set pics, and while this is certainly a bit on the rough side, it’s more than enough to get us excited.

Shazam Black Adam

Speaking about his latest piece of work, Stryder HD said the following:

“This is one of my shortest teaser/trailer videos that I have made, but seeing all of the latest buzzwith Zachary Levi and the Shazam! character in social media and my love for his character throughout the comics this is my fan-made interpretation of a film that would be amazing.

I don’t even think “The Rock” will be in the Shazam film coming out next year, but Black Adam fighting Shazam needs to happen, also fyi, Morgan Freeman is NOT playing The Wizard, but he can pretty much do anything and fits nicely. I hope you all enjoy my totally fake teaser for my Shazam movie!”

As for when we’ll get something official from the Shazam! camp, well, we’re not quite sure. The film’s currently in production – as evidenced by the slew of set photos we’ve been seeing – and while we were promised a look at Levi in costume a few weeks ago, that still hasn’t arrived. It’s got to be coming soon, though, and once it’s here, we’ll be sure to let you know.