Roger Moore Says Daniel Craig Is The Best Bond

Despite only having done two Bond films so far, with one of them being widely considered a flop, some have said that Daniel Craig is the greatest James Bond yet. Former Bond, Roger Moore, has now joined those Craig fans in their opinion. Moore wrote in the latest edition of his book, Bond on Bond, that he thinks Daniel Craig is the best actor to ever play 007.

“I loved Casino Royale and Daniel Craig. He is a wonderful actor, certainly the best actor to play Bond… (He has) the best build of any Bond”

That’s high praise from a man who some would argue was the best Bond himself, and will surely be read as blasphemy by the die-hard Sean Connery lovers.

The opinions on Craig are extremely polarized. Those who don’t think he is the greatest Bond are, for the most part, totally opposed to him. His casting was controversial, mainly for him being a blonde Bond, and supposedly not being manly enough for the role.

That being said, I am a huge fan of Craig as Bond, and I would love for him to actually do 5 more 007 films. The gritty realism that Craig has brought to the role fits so well with Ian Fleming’s writing that at this point, I can’t picture anyone else stepping into the role.

However, for me to say with any certainty that Craig is the best Bond of all time, Skyfall will have to be the masterpiece that fans are hoping for. The trailers we’ve seen so far make it appear that it could be even better than Casino Royale, which is my personal favorite of the 22 007 flicks that have been made, but we can’t know for sure until Skyfall hits theaters on November 9th.

Do you think Moore is right about Daniel Craig, or is the man off his rocker? Sound off in the comments below.