Rogue One Composer Michael Giacchino Wants A Crack At The Batman


John Williams is a difficult act to follow – just ask Michael Giacchino. Late last year, and as part of Disney’s continuing bid to distinguish the Star Wars anthology films from the core Skywalker saga, Giacchino signed on to compose Rogue One, and drew praise for his rousing, brass-heavy score.

Indeed, Giacchino’s feat is all the more impressive when you consider the fact that it’s the first Star Wars score not to be composed by the great John Williams, and according to a report relayed by Batman-News, the musical maestro is already considering his next creature venture: The Batman.

Before we get too far ahead of ourselves, Giacchino stressed that while he would love to compose the Caped Crusader’s solo outing, there are logistics to consider. First up, his potential appointment largely depends on who’s involved in The Batman, which is a project that has endured more than its fair share of production woes. After much back-and-forth, War For the Planet of the Apes helmer Matt Reeves has signed on to direct the spinoff for Warner Bros., with a 2019 launch date seemingly on the cards. The jury’s still out on that release window, though, and it’s unlikely we’ll hear any official word on personnel – both casting-wise, and in terms of the production crew – until The Batman really begins to coalesce.

Nevertheless, that didn’t stop Michael Giacchino from mulling over the possibility: “Yeah, it depends on who’s making it and who’s involved, but yeah, I would love to. I love Batman.”

The Batman is still incubating in the nascent stages of development, but the rumor mill continues to operate at full tilt. Murder on the Orient Express star Josh Gad is the latest star to be linked with the solo movie, leading to a handful of talented artists drawing up concept art that imagines Gad in the role of the Penguin.

Source: Batman-News