Rogue One Photos Reveal The Never-Before-Seen Side Of Disney’s Spinoff

As the dust begins to settle from Rogue One‘s grand opening – an opening that raked in upwards of $135 million on home soil – more and more information is beginning to seep online regarding the film’s much-touted reshoots. Up to 30 scenes were subject to “enormous” changes, according to Ben Mendelsohn, and though we’ll likely never learn the full extent of the creative overhaul, a handful of images have found their way online today that cast light on the never-before-seen side of Disney’s spinoff.

Embedded in the gallery above along with a series of behind-the-scenes shots, there are four pics pulled from Rogue One‘s deleted scenes. As previously revealed, many of the sequences that were left on the editing room floor revolved around the climatic battle on and above Scarif, and it’s understood writer-director Tony Gilroy had the biggest hand in shaking up the film’s ending.

Here, we get a new look at Cassian and Jyn preparing for battle, while another BTS pic shows Gareth Edwards doling out instructions to Alan Tudyk (K-2SO) and his fellow Rebel fighters. Perhaps the one image that will pique the curiosity of fans, though, is that of Mendelsohn’s Orson Krennic aboard the Death Star. Blaster drawn, the Imperial officer looks to be confronting an off-screen Grand Moff Tarkin, presumably over who’s in control of the Empire’s most fearsome weapon.

Now past $800 million worldwide, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story continues to do gangbusters at the international box office. It’s just now approaching its third week on the market, signaling that the Gareth Edwards-pic could well surpass the billion dollar milestone before finishing its theatrical run. Either way, if a leaked retail listing is to be believed, the first of Disney’s anthology films will make a beeline for Blu-ray and DVD in April.

Source: /Film