Rogue One To Hit Blu-Ray And DVD In April 2017?

Almost a fortnight on from the moment when Rogue One: A Star Wars Story blasted into theaters across the galaxy, Gareth Edwards’ anthology film continues its hold on the worldwide box office. It’s at $600 million and climbing, as of December 27, and thanks to lackluster competition, there’s every chance Disney’s spinoff will enter Hollywood’s exclusive billion dollar club before ending its theatrical run.

Speaking of which, now that ardent fans have experienced Rogue One countless times over, many are beginning to wonder when they’ll be able to pick up the movie on either Blu-ray or DVD – or both! Well, if Star Wars fan site Rebel Scum (via Screen Rant) is to be believed, Disney and Lucasfilm have earmarked Rogue One‘s home video release for April 28, 2017. Treat this rumor with heightened caution for the time being, given that Disney and Lucasfilm are yet to announce anything official.

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That being said, when compared to the release timeline of Star Wars: The Force Awakens – it flew onto Blu-ray and DVD back in April 2015 – that purported April 28 due date certainly makes a lot of sense from a logistical standpoint. Four months from now, the general buzz surrounding Rogue One will inevitably be on the wane – particularly as all eyes are directed toward Star Wars: Episode VIII – so debuting the Gareth Edwards-directed pic across home video will bring about a second boon in revenue. Besides, there’s no telling how many Collector’s Editions that the Mouse House has planned for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, but we’ll be keeping track of the film’s journey to Blu-ray and DVD as time wears on.

Rogue One is screening across the globe right now, and those of you harboring a soft spot for one Saw Gerrera, you’re in luck – Forest Whitaker’s Rebel extremist may well appear in future Star Wars projects further down the line, according to Kathleen Kennedy.

Source: Rebel Scum