‘Rogue One’ re-release details, from format and viewing locations to release date

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News that the crowd-favorite Star Wars film Rogue One is headed for a re-release is sparking excitement among fans.

The popular prequel film was released in 2016 to surprise acclaim, and quickly climbed to the top of many fans’ Star Wars favorites lists. It’s broadly considered among the franchise’s greatest hits, telling the story of the group of Rebels who stole the plans to the Death Star and allowed the terrifying weapon to be destroyed. The film is set one week before the events of A New Hope, and details one of the most essential turning points in the war between the Empire and the Rebel Alliance.

The film is set to be celebrated once again via a re-release, which is headed to theaters as part of the advertising efforts for Disney Plus’ Andor. Here’s what you need to know to experience the action for yourself.

Rogue One re-release date

Rogue One is headed back to theaters for a limited run ahead of Andor‘s September release. Viewers interested in catching the film on the big screen can enjoy it in select IMAX theaters for one day only, on Aug. 26. The exclusive screenings will provide the film on the biggest screen available, alongside an exclusive early look at Andor, which is set to drop on Disney Plus on Sept. 21. Fandango dropped news of the film’s release — along with a fresh poster — on Aug. 13.

The short-term nature of the re-release means that tickets will likely be extremely limited. With only one day to pack in viewings, participating theaters will be hard-pressed to find enough tickets for interested viewers. Fans looking to secure a ticket will want to do so as early as possible, or risk losing out on the unprecedented experience.

Thankfully, viewers who miss out on the theatrical re-release can still enjoy the film on Disney Plus. They can also enjoy Andor, which follows thief-turned-Rebel spy Cassian Andor in the five years preceding the events of Rogue One, in just a few weeks.

Rogue One re-release locations

Rogue One re-release poster
Rogue One

Information on the Rogue One re-release still points toward its release in “select IMAX theaters,” without providing any specifics. It’s still unclear which IMAX theaters will manage to snag a chance at the exclusive screening, but interested viewers can keep an eye on their local IMAX websites. Once more details emerge, we’ll update this article with specifics.

IMAX theaters in larger cities are the most likely to land screenings, but are also the most likely to face hordes of eager viewers. Fans of the film who live in metropolitan areas should keep a close eye on their favorite IMAX listings to ensure they snag a ticket before they sell out completely.