Rogue One Star Headlining New High Concept Horror From Venom Writer

Rogue One Jyn Erso

Kelly Marcel has earned some serious clout in the industry for scripting the two Venom blockbusters, which are fast closing in on a combined box office haul of $1.2 billion. There are many more strings to her bow, though, with the writer and producer having proven herself in a number of genres.

On top of writing Fifty Shades of Grey, Saving Mr. Banks, and taking a story credit on Cruella, Marcel is set to make her feature directorial debut with literary fantasy adaptation Ferryman. In yet another dive into new territory, Deadline reports that Rogue One‘s Felicity Jones is set to star in Blood Mother, a high concept script written by Steve Zissis from an outline he developed alongside Marcel.

Not to be confused with Mel Gibson’s underrated action thriller Blood Father, Blood Mother is about as far from being a companion piece to that film as you can imagine. Details are light, but Academy Award nominee Jones will play a mother and Oxford professor who discovers that her baby is inhuman and finds herself doing unimaginable things to ensure his survival.

That’s pretty vague, but also highly intriguing, with a distinct possibility that it’s going to be positively nuts in execution. That all sounds fine by us, so Blood Mother is one that we’ll be keeping on our radar.