‘Rogue One’ star says their role made them feel invincible

Rogue One reshoots

As arguably the best Star Wars movie of the Disney era, one that trends on a regular basis for for no other reason than people love it, Rogue One clearly means an awful lot to a huge number of people.

We can also add star Felicity Jones to that list, after she admitted in an interview with StarWars.com that playing Jyn Erso made her feel invincible, and she still carries that confidence five years later.

Perhaps the only downside to Gareth Edwards’ prequel is that the entire principal cast were killed off to render follow ups impossible, because you can bet your bottom dollar audiences would be clamoring for more adventures had even one or two key players survived.

Despite being an Academy Award-nominated actress and an all-round acclaimed talent, Jones revealed that it was her introduction to a galaxy far, far away that instilled her with several qualities that have become part of her everyday existence.

“I loved all those aspects of Jyn; her leadership qualities and her instinct for survival and also a sort of inner peace that made her feel ‘what happens, happens. Many of the attributes we’re needing now with the pandemic we’re going through. I did feel invincible after playing Jyn. I remember some young guy was hassling my elderly neighbor for money at her front door and I intervened to get him to leave her alone. I definitely was channeling a bit of Jyn’s strength in that moment!”

The star has divulged on more than one occasion that she’d be open to the notion of a Star Wars return, and with Andor setting the precedent for prequel spinoffs to get prequel spinoffs of their own, it’s definitely something Disney and Lucasfilm should look into, based on the continued popularity of Rogue One and its eclectic ensemble.