Rogue One’s Felicity Jones Says There’s A Chance She Could Return To Star Wars

Rogue One Jyn Erso

The Disney era of Star Wars has generated plenty of debate, discourse and fierce criticism from the fanbase, but most of them would be in agreement that Rogue One remains the high point of the franchise under the Mouse House’s stewardship, at least from a feature length perspective.

In fact, Gareth Edwards’ prequel regularly finds itself trending on social media for that very reason, and you can bet there are at least a couple of Lucasfilm board members kicking themselves that the decision was made to kill off the entire principal cast at the end of the movie, making sequels an impossibility.

Of course, prequels are still very much on the table, with Andor coming to Disney Plus next year and talk of more Rogue One offshoots always bubbling away on the back burner of the rumor mill. One candidate regularly touted for a solo series or big screen return is Felicity Jones’ Jyn Erso, and the actress admitted late last year that she’s got unfinished business with a galaxy far, far away.

In a new interview, Jones once again refused to rule out the possibility of a comeback somewhere down the line, but her comments are far from a guarantee that it’s even something the studio would take into consideration, despite the undoubted potential of a hypothetical series in a similar vein to Andor that takes place before Rogue One.

“I was having this conversation with someone the other day, and I was trying to say, ‘It’s a bit of a nuclear fallout at the end of the film’. And they were like, ‘No, it didn’t feel like that, it doesn’t feel like they die’. And I was like, ‘Well, there you go. There’s a chance of a comeback’.”

Prequel spinoffs to prequel spinoffs reeks of creative bankruptcy on a surface level, but Star Wars is going to be integral to the continued expansion of Disney Plus for years to come, and the fanbase would no doubt forgive a lack of imagination were it to allow more and more favorites from Rogue One to get a second stab at the spotlight.