Roland Emmerich says he’s open to a ‘Moonfall’ sequel


Roland Emmerich may have built his entire career on blowing up large swathes of the planet in spectacular style, but he’s never been one to return to the well.

In fact, despite establishing himself as one of the industry’s foremost purveyors of cataclysmic CGI destruction, Independence Day: Resurgence remains the only sequel he’s ever directed in a career that dates back four decades, one that’s yielded billions upon billions in box office dollars.

Even then, it would be an understatement to say Resurgence most certainly wasn’t worth the 20 years we had to wait for it, but the filmmaker admitted in an interview with ComicBook that he’s open to the idea of more Moonfall.

“Yeah, maybe [Moonfall] is a cool one because then you could continue the story. But, that will happen if the movie is successful enough.” 

Based on what we know about the project, it’s hard to guess how you craft a direct follow up to a blockbuster sci-fi predicated on a shadowy conspiracy involving the Moon that the government has been hiding from the world for a very long time, but Emmerich’s big budget oeuvre hasn’t exactly been driven by logic or common sense.

Of course, Moonfall will need to perform well enough to warrant any sequel chatter never mind justify it, but we’ll be finding that out in two weeks when the $140 million slice of escapist (and hopefully entertaining) nonsense comes to theaters.

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