Romantic Drama Mercy Adds Ellen Page And Kate Mara


Variety is reporting that Ellen Page and Morgan star Kate Mara have closed deals to headline Mercy, a new romantic drama from Israeli filmmaker Tali Shalom Ezer.

In what will be their first on-screen collaboration – Page and Mara have worked together on comedy sketches including Funny or Die’s hilarious Tiny Detectives – we understand the pair will find themselves butting heads in Ezer’s feature, with Page attached to the role of Lucy, the daughter of a shunned man on death row. Mara, meanwhile, will portray the title character who hails from the opposite end of the political cause. Sparks inevitably fly as Lucy begins to call her troubled father-daughter relationship into question.

Also starring Amy Seimetz, Pablo Schreiber and Elias Koteas, production on Mercy is expected to get underway in Cincinnati next month, lending Tali Shalom Ezer and Co. ample time to align the romantic picture for next year’s festival circuit. Indeed, it was this year’s Sundance film festival where the director found success with Princess, and we’re excited to see how his latest pans out going into 2017. 

If you’re hoping to see Ellen Page in action much sooner, look no further than Netflix’s Tallulah series. Kate Mara, on the other hand, will soon be confronting a bioengineered superhuman in Luke Scott’s sci-fi thriller, Morgan. It’ll open on September 2.

Source: Variety