Ron Perlman Campaigns To Play Cable In Deadpool 2


After that awesomely meta Deadpool post-credits sequence, we now know that mutant time-traveler Cable is all but a sure thing for the sequel, which is currently in the writing stage. Just this week, ’80s action icon Dolph Lundgren assured fans that he’d “kick some butt” in the role during an interview, and now another big, burly, grey-maned actor has thrown his hat in the ring.

Hellboy star Ron Perlman took to his Facebook page to post a couple of snaps of himself alongside the character. One references his favorite artist’s rendition, and the other amusingly points out how similar their hairstyles are.

We’re seeing more and more actors actively campaigning for superhero roles these days, and while more often than not nothing comes of it, there is the occasional exception – Vin Diesel winning the role of Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy, for example. Perlman’s name has come up in many a Cable fan wishlists over the years, and there’s definitely a lot of support behind him, so who knows? Maybe the producers will sit up and take notices?

Tell us, do you think Perlman would make a good Cable in Deadpool 2? Drop a comment below and let us know.