Ron Perlman Asks Fans To Campaign For Him To Be In Star Wars


Hellboy star Ron Perlman has had a long and varied career, but there’s one franchise he’s never cracked but dearly wants to: Star Wars. recently interviewed Perlman and asked him whether he’d be interested in a role in a future project set in that galaxy far, far away, to which he gave an unreservedly positive response, saying:

“Write your Congressman, because I’d love to be seen in one of those. Whatever you got to do. Say, ‘Hey George [Lucas], there’s this newcomer, this kid named Perlman, you should really check him out.'”

First off, it’s no surprise Perlman hasn’t popped up in Tatooine if he thinks cozying up to George Lucas is the best way to get into Star Wars. While the approval of Lucas might work in your favor, it’s really Lucasfilm’s Kathleen Kennedy and her Disney overlords that you want to impress these days. Secondly, Ron Perlman has sort of already been in Star Wars before. And I’ll give you a prize if you can figure out where.

Cast your minds back to 2003 when Bioware released the game Knights of the Old Republic on Xbox and PC. One of your teammates was the grizzled Mandalorian veteran Canderous Ordo (voiced by John Cygan). Ordo was blatantly based on Perlman’s gravelly voice, tough as an old steak persona. So, in a way, the actor has already made an appearance even if he might not realize it.

Of course, given that Canderous Ordo was such a popular character, Perlman would probably be a dead cert bit of fan casting for the role (a quick Google search proves this). But, while Rian Johnson is rumored to be heading back to the Old Republic for his upcoming trilogy, the chances of the cast of the video game coming to the big screen are less than zero.

With that in mind, perhaps they could find room for a Mandalorian badass in.. well.. Jon Favreau’s The Mandalorian. I haven’t seen a film or TV series that wasn’t improved by casting Ron Perlman, so c’mon Favreau, get him in there somehow!