Rooney Mara Takes The Lead In Musical Drama Vox Lux


Brady Corbet certainly has the wind in his sails when it comes to moving from acting to writing and directing. In addition to starring in projects such as Clouds Of Sils Maria and Olive Kitteridge, the filmmaker has begun to create material – recently making his feature length directorial debut with The Childhood Of A Leader, which he also co-wrote. That film has swept through the 2016 festival circuit – collecting accolades and nominations as it went – generating a momentum that Corbet has ploughed straight into his next project: Vox Lux.

Taking what seems to be a similar, sweeping approach to time as his debut film does, Vox Lux begins in 1999 and tracks the passage of a 15 year period. The plot centers on a young musical artist named Celeste, whose gaze provides the lens through which we view significant historical events, as she unexpectedly evolves into a superstar. Rooney Mara is now confirmed as the lead in the film, giving her a complex central character with which to play. Being focused on the music industry, and specifically a character that becomes a popstar, Vox Lux will feature original songs by Grammy nominee Sia, while the project will be produced by David Hinojosa (Goat), Christine Vachon (Carol), and Brian Young (The Runaways).

There is a great deal of anticipation already building around Vox Lux – and with good reason. The film will bring together three artists – Brady Corbet, Rooney Mara, and Sia – who are individually delivering fascinating work of intimidating quality. The prospect of seeing what they can accomplish in collaboration is exciting, to say the least. In addition, there is the chance for Corbet and Mara to create a notable female lead character, and touch upon the issues that face female artists in today’s music industry.

Finally, Vox Lux promises to give us a unique view of important cultural events – as seen by a character that is a creative woman with unique vision. Indeed, this is a film to watch for as it readies for a February 2017 production start date.

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