Rumor Is Sony Gave Uncharted’s Director The Boot

It seems like the project of turning video game Uncharted into a full-fledged movie isn’t far from being flushed down the cinematic sewage system, being without a suitable screenplay or even a potential director.

Anonymous sources revealed to the Los Angeles Times that Sony was unimpressed by director David O. Russell’s (The Fighter) imagination. Their disapproval of his ideas for the uncreated Uncharted screenplay led to the one-time director carefully resigning from the production altogether.

Sources claim that Russell’s written version of the plot was “so long and so ambitious” that Sony was turned off. Even fans of the video game were unmoved by Russell’s interpretation of Uncharted in which he included art thieves, Mafia-like criminals, and a dominant pursuit-of-justice theme in his story.

The Uncharted film may be still in the works, but it needs a new director, a new screenwriter…basically, a major update of everything a decent movie requires for production. There is talk that some of the writers behind the upcoming Conan the Barbarian movie are contributing an old draft script. However, the star of Uncharted has not been decided, since Mark Wahlberg, Russell’s choice for main character Nathan Drake, is not going to star. A lot remains up in the air for the film but we’ll keep you posted when we hear more.