Rumor Suggests Joss Whedon Is Still Writing Batgirl, But He May Not Direct


Leading up to November 17th, Justice League was championed as a defining moment for the DC Extended Universe – but few would have predicted that the film’s failure would lead to a major restructuring effort at Warner Bros. Pictures.

The studio is said to be in the process of recruiting new personnel to oversee its fledgling DC Films division, while it’s also been reported that Time Warner, Warner’s parent company, wants to cut ties with Zack Snyder altogether following the back-to-back disappointments of Batman V Superman and Justice League.

That would mean no more Snyder movies for the DC Extended Universe, but he wasn’t the only director to come under fire. Having helped usher Justice League over the finish line, it’s now being claimed that Joss Whedon’s contribution to the DCEU is under review; moreover, one online rumor has even gone so far as to assert that Whedon won’t direct Batgirl as initially thought.

This is pulled from the same ResetEra post that claimed to have identified Justice League‘s production woes, so treat this with a heightened sense of caution.

With that said, and assuming these accusations hold any degree of truth, Warner Bros. is searching for a female director to helm Batgirl, as Joss Whedon’s involvement has now been limited to merely writing the script.

Whedon is still writing Batgirl, but as far as him actually directing that film is now (according to someone) “unthinkable” given how JL has performed how he was subject to his own scandal of sorts. The thought is that the studio just doesn’t want that headache again, though Whedon could still have a creative role in the DCU moving forward. I wouldn’t be surprised if WB seeks a female director for Batgirl now given WW’s success.

Batgirl is yet to nail down an official release date, but with Aquaman due late next year and 2019 earmarked for Shazam!, Wonder Woman 2 and, presumably, Gavin O’Connor’s Suicide Squad sequel, we wouldn’t be surprised if this spinoff slips into 2020. Hell, it may even join the Matt Reeves-directed Batman movie, which is said to be casting the net in search of “fresh talent” to replace Ben Affleck in the title role. Jon Hamm, anyone?