Rumored Avengers 4 Leak Includes Details Of Thanos’ Downfall


Having failed to do so during Infinity War, how will Earth’s Mightiest Heroes trump Thanos when Avengers 4 arrives in 2019?

It’s a prescient question, one that’s made all the more troubling when you remember that the Avengers roster was essentially halved by Marvel’s Mad Titan. So with only a handful of heroes remaining (see: Captain America, Iron Man et. al), do the Avengers stand much of a chance against the wounded Thanos?

Turns out they still have an ace in the hole: Nebula, whose all-consuming hate and disdain for Thanos may be enough to trap Josh Brolin’s tyrant within the Soul Stone, just as he was able to acquire the long-lost gem by sacrificing something (or rather someone) he loved.

That’s the latest assumption put forward by Redditor ‘abigfriend’ (h/t MovieWeb), which claims that much of the film revolves around Thanos and Nebula’s fractured relationship. Not only that, but Karen Gillan’s tortured soul will be the one to defeat her oppressor:

Previously, it was believed that the only way to unlock the power of the soul stone was to sacrifice something you loved, however, the opposite is also true: a sacrifice of something you infinitely hate can also unlock the powers of the Soul Stone. Guess who hates Thanos more than anyone in the entire universe? Yup, Nebula… Nebula traps Thanos into the soul stone.

Elsewhere, this supposed story leak suggests that the Avengers 4 finale will also take place in Wakanda, as the Marvel sequel involves elements of time travel. Only this time around, it’s Earth’s Mightiest Heroes who emerge victorious – albeit with some heartrending sacrifices along the way…

Via Reddit:

The final battle will be a revisit to the third act of [Infinity War]. [Infinity War] was the ‘bad ending’ where Thanos won whereas [Avengers 4] will be the ‘good ending’ where the Avengers win… This alternate timeline Wakanda scene is where every superhero will fight together for the ‘money shot’… At this point in the Wakandan battle, Thanos no longer has the infinity stones yet still manages to put up a fight against the Avengers using brute strength.

Whatever the case, Avengers 4 is booked in for a release on May 3rd, 2019, and only then will we know the full extent of Joe and Anthony Russo’s master plan.

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