Rumors are buzzing that ‘Lightyear’ release strategy is causing tension at Disney

Image via Disney/Pixar

When the trailer for Disney/Pixar’s Lightyear first aired, fans were thrilled at the idea. Buzz Lightyear has been a staple to the Disney/Pixar realm for years; we’ve all grown up with Buzz, Woody, and the rest of the gang. The Toy Story films have been such a vital part of growing up for the past few decades, and they’re the kind of feel-good movies that take us back to the magic of childhood.

Lightyear gives us the origin story of the man behind the Space Ranger, not the toy, and why he’s such a beloved hero. It has the potential to be an incredible watch, and we absolutely can’t wait to see it. World of Reel is reporting that the heroic film might be causing a bit of a stir behind the scenes.

The publication notes that they mentioned Soul would be skipping its theatrical release, as readers were shocked that Soul wouldn’t be hitting theaters, but their prediction was correct. Since then, Luca and Turning Red have followed suit. 

Lightyear has a release date of June 17, and this is where World of Reel is reporting that some things behind the scenes are getting intense. Rumor has it that the powers that be are fighting for a big theatrical release instead of a Disney Plus premiere, allegedly resulting in ultimatums.

We love the minds behind Disney and Pixar, and we sure hope agreements are made that suit everyone involved. The buzz around Lightyear deserves to be as glorious as the toy we fell in love with and the hero behind him.

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