Rumors That Sony Shut Down Masters Of The Universe Reboot Are False

Masters of the Universe

Fans of the original series were disheartened to learn earlier this week that Sony had shut down the promising Masters of the Universe reboot. They can now breath easily once again though, as it turns out that those rumors were false. The movie is still currently slated for its March 2021 release date as the development team continues to work out the production design and the cast undergoes training.

The original Heroic Hollywood story claiming that the film had been scrapped has since been taken down. Other outlets have refuted the rumor as well, prompting the website to delete their report.

It was believable at the time that the studio had shelved the production, considering the problems every potential Masters of the Universe adaption has gone through. For years, projects revolving around the beloved ’80s characters have undergone a myriad of potential directors, actors and writers. And none of them ended up panning out.

Masters of the Universe

Still, fans were excited when they heard Sony was giving it another shot, especially when it was announced that rising star Noah Centineo would take on the role of He-Man. The up-and-coming heartthrob has already wowed audiences in To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before and was reportedly on the short list to play the new Batman before the part ultimately went to Robert Pattinson. A young celebrity like him anchoring what’s sure to be an impressive cast could end up endearing a whole new generation of audiences to the iconic series.

As of now, the movie is progressing as planned. Those who have been following the seemingly doomed adaptations for a while are still understandably skeptical, but it’s definitely good news that everything’s on track.

Now that the rumors have been dismissed, fans can go back to being excited for the March 2021 release of the Masters of the Universe flick.