Is Russell Crowe Hinting At A Role In Deadpool 2?


Deadpool 2 is coming along slowly, but surely. Though there seemed to be some trouble cracking the script early on, Drew Goddard was recently brought in to assist and it seems like things are back on track now. However, casting hasn’t really gotten underway yet and though we know that both Cable and Domino will be introduced in the sequel, 20th Century Fox has remained quiet in regards to who will play them.

Many actors have been linked to the parts, and Pierce Brosnan was seemingly all but confirmed for the former, but last week, a new development arose. That’s because Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld had an interesting Twitter exchange with Russell Crowe, leading fans to speculate that perhaps the Man of Steel actor was eyeing the role. Now, Crowe has taken to social media again to add even more fuel to the fire, Tweeting some fan art of him as Cable and tagging Liefeld in the Tweet.

While this is hardly confirmation of anything, it does seem like Crowe’s, at the very least, interested in the part. Whether or not that means he’s actually gotten in touch with the studio, or vice versa, is impossible to say, but color us intrigued. After all, the actor would make a pretty great Cable and given his involvement with Man of Steel, it’s obvious that he’s into the genre. Still, this is the first time Crowe’s popped up in regards to the sequel and as we mentioned above, as of a week or two ago, it seemed like Brosnan had already signed on.

Who knows, though? It’s hard to say what’s going on behind the scenes, as the studio has been keeping pretty quiet. If Russell Crowe does end up playing Cable in Deadpool 2, however, we certainly wouldn’t have a problem with it. Would you? Take to the comments section and let us know.