Russian Avengers: Infinity War Featurette Reveals Lots Of New Footage


We can now finally say that we’re only a week away from seeing Avengers: Infinity WarWith the event movie of the year just around the corner, a new featurette has dropped that reveals a fair amount of fresh footage. If you’re worrying about spoilers, though, don’t – it’s intended for Russian audiences so you most likely won’t be able to follow the dialogue.

The bulk of the clip showcases the moment that Team Cap (do we still call them that?) arrive via Quinjet in Wakanda. We’ve previously heard that Steve Rogers and co. decided to take Vision to the African nation following his attack at the hands of the Black Order, as it’s decided that the country is the only place with the technology and might to stand up against Thanos’ forces.

The video then goes on to reveal the moment when Bruce Banner first encounters King T’Challa. By the looks of things, Mark Ruffalo’s awkward scientist has no idea how to act around bonafide royalty and settles for a kind of over-the-top bow, much to the dismay of the Black Panther and the entertainment of War Machine.

Finally, the video gives us a prolonged look at what’s most likely the final battle of the movie, which sees the combined forces of Wakanda ally with the Avengers to take down Thanos’ army, the alien Outriders. Some of this footage we’ve seen already, but some we haven’t, including Don Cheadle’s Rhodey flying around and surveying the fight below.

The rest of the video features stars Chris Evans, Chadwick Boseman, Danai Gurira and Letitia Wright chatting about what we can expect from Avengers: Infinity WarIf you can speak Russian, feel free to help us out and tell us what they’re saying in the comments section below.

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