Russo Brothers Hire F9 Writer For Battle Of The Planets Universe

Battle of the Planets

To paraphrase an old saying: You can take the filmmakers out of the shared universe, but you can’t take the shared universe out of the filmmakers.

Since wrapping up their stint with Marvel by delivering Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame, Joe and Anthony Russo have already outlined plans for an entire world built out from Chris Hemsworth’s Extraction and teased a multi-film series for The Gray Man. The duo have now hired Fast & Furious 9 scribe Daniel Casey to star putting the foundations in place for a multimedia empire based on anime Battle of the Planets.

The Russos first announced they’d acquired the rights to the property back in the summer of 2019, but Casey’s involvement has come with the additional news that the siblings are working closely with the writer and creators Tatsunoko to develop a multimedia mythology that’s presumably being designed to incorporate both live-action and animated movies and TV shows.

Battle of the Planets

Battle of the Planets follows five orphans trained to form an elite squad known as G-Force, who are tasked to protect Earth from the various intergalactic threats, and it was notable for being one of the few sci-fi cartoons of its era during an initial run that lasted from 1978 to 1980, introducing an entire generation of kids to anime for the first time.

There’s no word on where the Battle of the Planets universe could be set up as of yet, but you’d have to imagine it’s the sort of thing that would be of great interest to Netflix. Not only does the streamer have an established working relationship with the Russos and their AGBO outfit, but the platform is investing heavily in both cross-platform content and anime, so they’d surely be the favorites to stump up the funding.