The Russo Brothers Share Cryptic Avengers: Infinity War Photo


Dear Russo Brothers, where the hell is our Avengers: Infinity War trailer? It’s been months and months since SDCC attendees got a peek at the film and we kind of assumed it would have had a proper release by now. Instead, we’ve had a long news drought, punctuated only by cryptic clips of Orson Welles selling wine (no, really). Now, however, the directors have finally released something that sheds a little bit of light on matters. Actually, it’s too much light, in my opinion.

This is… Well, it’s kinda difficult to tell exactly what it is, but it certainly looks destroyed. There’s a whole bunch of debris and twisted metal and.. wait, is that Vision’s corpse on the left-hand side?! Ah, nope. Just more twisted metal. Check it out in the gallery below and see what you think.

The upcoming MCU extravaganza promises a whole bunch of destruction and world-smashing apocalypse, courtesy of the long-awaited arrival of Thanos, so I guess this is some of that. I mean, it’s nice that the Russos are engaged with the fans, but do they really have to be quite so coy about what’s going on, especially as we’re already familiar with 99% of these characters?

Seriously, it can’t be long now until we get a proper trailer. I’d thought we’d get one before Thor: Ragnarok, but that didn’t happen, and I also slightly suspected they’d release something to take a little bit of the wind out of Justice League‘s sails, but the time to do that is rapidly running short. Surely though, we’ll get a proper look at the myriad delights and pleasures of Avengers: Infinity War this side of Christmas, right? Right? I sure hope that’s the case, as I really can’t wait too much longer.

Avengers: Infinity War hits theaters on May 4th, 2018, and as soon as that first trailer arrives, we’ll be sure to let you know. Fingers crossed for before the new year, eh?