The Russo Brothers Are Teasing A Return To The Superhero Genre

russo brothers

No matter what they do for the rest of their careers, the Russo brothers will always be best known for their time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which is hardly a bad thing to be remembered for.

The siblings have directed more entries in the franchise than anyone else, after all, including the two highest-grossing installments in Marvel Studios’ back catalogue, not to mention the single biggest commercial hit in the history of cinema. That’s an impressive track record, and with their reputations now firmly established as A-list filmmakers, Joe and Anthony are free to pursue whatever they want.

The Russos are busier than ever, too, with Tom Holland’s crime thriller Cherry debuting in theaters tomorrow, while they start production on Netflix’s $200 million espionage blockbuster The Gray Man in a matter of weeks. They’re also attached to action comedy remake Saigon Bodyguards with Chris Pratt in the lead and sci-fi literary adaptation The Electric State, which has Millie Bobby Brown set to star.

If that wasn’t enough, their AGBO production company is in the midst of building an entire Extraction cinematic universe for Netflix, and there’s also the live-action Hercules remake at Disney, which the studio hopes will launch a decade of stories. However, the MCU talk never strays too far from the conversation, and in a new interview, Anthony Russo teased an impending return to the superhero genre.

“Joe and I love filmmaking at every scale. We’ve made movies for as little money as you could possibly make movies for, we’ve made movies for as much money as you could possibly make movies for, and we love everything in between. We will someday, for sure, do a movie in that genre again. Probably in the not-too-distant future. Who it’s with we’re not able to say at this point, but yeah, we like challenging ourselves, we like finding new frontiers. So it’s a surprise to us where we’re going, and hopefully it will be a surprise to audiences as well.”

The Russos previously claimed that Secret Wars was the only thing that could tempt them to return to the MCU, although it could be an entirely different non-Marvel project set up at a different studio altogether. And given how much they’ve got on their plate at the moment, it may be a long time before we find out for sure.