Ryan Gosling’s Not That Interested In Playing Batman


Whether or not Ben Affleck reprises his role as the Dark Knight in Matt Reeves’ Batman film, the fact of the matter is that he’ll pass the torch he inherited at some point. As per usual, the excitement that surrounds pondering who’ll be Gotham City’s next protector has already started heating up.

There’d been rumors of X-Men: Apocalypse‘s Oscar Isaac possibly being the next Caped Crusader, but that notion was swiftly shot down. Still, the seemingly never-ending chatter orbiting Ryan Gosling has continued, this time rearing its head during a segment hosted by Variety.

In it, Gosling was asked if he’d play Batman, to which he answered:

“I don’t think anybody wants that. I don’t know.”

After more prodding, the veteran actor said the following:

“Oh, you know… I don’t know. It would depend on — Damien, you want to do that one? Now that I’d like to see. Damien Chazelle Batman, that I want to see.”

For those unaware, Gosling’s referring to Damien Chazelle, the director he served under in La La Land and First Man. In fact, such loyalty isn’t unheard of, as actors who’ve featured in past Batman movies said they’d be interested in returning only if they’d get to work with either Tim Burton or Christopher Nolan again.

So, whether or not Gosling ends up being cast as the next Batman, let’s hope that it isn’t much longer before we get concrete details regarding whatever Matt Reeves is cooking up. On the plus side, though, the classic comic book story arc Hush is being adapted to an animated movie next year, so fans of the World’s Greatest Detective have at least something new to digest in 2019.