Ryan Knighton Tapped To Write Snow Leopard For Scott Free

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Though the feature-length writing of Ryan Knighton is, as yet, untested on the big screen, he has a number of scripts in development with studios – including his adaptation of Eben Alexander’s book, Proof Of Heaven. It is his latest assignment – to pen the script for Snow Leopard – that is making waves today, however, because it has some pretty hefty weight behind it.

The project is based on a New York Times article looking at the US Army’s CASCOM (Combined Arms Support Command) Ultimate Warrior Competition. For the uninitiated, this is a highly anticipated event, and is described by the Army as:

“An annual Soldier skills competition…designed to measure proficiency in a number of tactical events to include land navigation, weapons qualification, first aid and radio communications.

“It also tests Solider’s knowledge and abilities with a written examination, essay, Army Physical Fitness Test, board appearance and a mystery event that is unbeknownst to participants.”

Presumably, it is this ‘mystery event’ which has inspired Snow Leopard, since the premise sees a pair of soldiers thrust into a surreal situation when the elite military training compound at which they are undertaking an event, comes under siege. The two must retaliate from the shadows and try to determine what is real, and what is not. Ridley Scott’s own Scott Free Productions is developing the project at Fox, along with Temple Hill, which recently delivered The Maze Runner. Bungalow Media and Kingsgate are also producing.

Though there appears to be no decision yet on a director for Snow Leopard, the premise of the film opens up what will almost certainly become two highly sought after dramatic roles. It will be quite interesting to see what kind of tone Knighton and his producers intend to strike – with these characters specifically – and what effect that has on casting choices, as and when they are announced. In the meantime, we will be watching this project carefully for any further developments.