How Ryan Reynolds’ 6 Underground Sets Up A Sequel

6 Underground

For those complaining that The Irishman was perhaps too long and boring, Netflix has heard your cries and has now delivered 6 Underground, an action movie quite unlike any other. Wild, over the top and completely bonkers, it’s Michael Bay at his finest, with the set pieces, stunts and destruction all on a whole other level. And guess what? The internet is loving it.

Starring Ryan Reynolds, Ben Hardy and Corey Hawkins, among others, the movie certainly requires you to leave your brain at the door, but it’s an incredibly fun watch and understandably, folks are now asking for more. Especially since 6 Underground definitely plants seeds for a sequel. Or, at the very least, leaves things open enough for Netflix to continue on with a follow-up if they so choose.

You see, the team has a target hit board of sorts, with Ryan Reynolds’ One explaining: “These nine men have been placing too much sh*t inside the box. So now they answer to us.” And while the film shows us the gang going after the first target, the brutal dictator of “Turgistan,” Rovach Alimov (Lior Raz), we know that he’s not the only one in their sights.

6 Underground

Of course, it remains unclear who the other targets might be, but if Netflix wants to do a sequel, they could easily have it focus on one of the other targets on the team’s board. After all, they end up making it out of their mission alive by the end and given that we also still don’t know a lot about the various members, a follow-up could flesh out their backstories a bit more as well.

Regardless of which direction a sequel decided to go in though, with the world and concept now firmly established, there’s certainly plenty of options for Bay to play around with and we can only hope at this point that 6 Underground pulls in enough viewers to justify producing another outing.