Ryan Reynolds Reveals What Dwayne Johnson’s Like Off Camera


Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds are without a doubt two of the biggest and most popular actors on the planet, and in an age where movies are increasingly sold on the back of recognizable properties instead of old-fashioned star power, both Johnson and Reynolds have proven capable of securing box office success based on the strength of their personal brand alone.

The two shared a screen this summer in Fast and Furious spinoff Hobbs & Shaw, and generated plenty of chemistry in their brief interactions. So, the next logical step is obviously for the duo to headline a big-budget flick together. Reynolds can currently be seen in Michael Bay’s 6 Underground, Netflix’s most expensive and high-profile original blockbuster to date, but that project is soon to be overtaken by the streaming giant’s next action epic, Rawson Marshall Thurber’s Red Notice.

The globe-trotting heist flick was the subject of a huge bidding war from studios all around Hollywood, with Netflix winning out in the end. Not too many plot details are available at this point, but with a cast that features Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds starring alongside Gal Gadot, on paper Red Notice is already looking like the biggest movie Netflix have ever made.

In a recent interview to promote 6 Underground, Reynolds was asked about the prospect of reuniting with the man formerly known as The Rock once again, and it sounds like the 43 year-old is keen to take part in one of the Jumanji and Fast and Furious star’s famous early-morning workouts, saying the following:

“Off-camera, he’s sort of a lot like on-camera. Less violent. As energetic and kind, really just a genuine article. He’s like in his 48th trimester of puberty. I don’t think that’s gonna be a very satisfying workout for him, but for me it’s gonna be another bucket list moment.”

Hobbs & Shaw showed the kind of buddy-movie dynamic that Reynolds and Johnson could create, and stretching that out to feature-length could result in Netflix’s best original blockbuster yet. 6 Underground has been drawing rave reviews from fans of Michael Bay’s work, but unsurprisingly given the Transformers and Bad Boys director’s filmography, it hasn’t exactly been receiving unanimous critical praise. Perhaps Red Notice will find more favor with the reviews though and be another big hit for the streaming giant.