Ryan Reynolds Calls Truce On His Feud With Hugh Jackman


Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds has been feuding with fellow X-Men Origins: Wolverine survivor Hugh Jackman for a while now, and quite frankly, it’s been absolutely hilarious to watch the two old friends playfully jabbing at one another in increasingly creative ways.

Late last year, for example, the Australian star went on record to put his foot down on a Wade Wilson/Logan crossover, which led Reynolds to jokingly call him selfish on Twitter. Furthermore, the two beloved actors even managed to rope John Krasinski into their shenanigans not too long ago, after the director of A Quiet Place called Jackman out for getting a bit too close to his wife Emily Blunt.

Now, though, it seems that their entertaining social media war has come to an end. Taking to Twitter this week, Reynolds called truce on his feud with Hugh Jackman, sharing the following message:

So, it looks like we’ve finally witnessed the final chapter in an eventful history of social media clashes between Reynolds and Jackman. For the Deadpool actor, this feud even extended to his own movies, with Wade Wilson’s two cinematic outings containing a numbers of references to both Wolverine and the man who plays him. In fact, Reynolds even wanted to have Jackman feature in the planned X-Force film, albeit playing himself.

And while it remains to be seen if that’ll happen, one thing we shouldn’t expect is to see Hugh back as Wolverine ever again. Jackman has little regret about leaving the role in the past, and though their feud may be at its end, you can bet Ryan Reynolds will continue to try and get him back in the game, and it’s clear that a lot of fans are wishing him the best of luck.