Hugh Jackman Fires Back At Ryan Reynolds For Savage Troll


It was just last week when Hugh Jackman gave fellow X-Men Origins: Wolverine survivor Ryan Reynolds a birthday hug, but now that the Deadpool star’s special day is over, the gloves are once more off.

If you haven’t been keeping track of this quickly unfolding online drama, earlier today Reynolds uploaded a fake campaign ad slandering his old friend in an effort to hurt Jackman’s chances at awards season success, accusing The Front Runner lead of using a fake name, pretending to be a foreigner, and increasing unemployment by leaving the X-Men franchise.

It wasn’t long before Jackman hit back with a Twitter video that puts the ‘poo’ in ‘Deadpool,’ along with an accompanying caption that simply reads: “HIGH ROAD.”

Going back to Reynolds’ video, though, and this isn’t the first time that the actor has slammed Jackman online, responding to the Logan star’s recent birthday message with the following condemnation:

“This man is a monster. He’s not even from Australia. He’s from Milwaukee.”

In case it needs to be said, Reynolds’ insults probably aren’t to be taken seriously, especially since his own Deadpool movies show an ongoing fascination with Wolverine.

Though the pair haven’t reunited on screen since X-Men Origins, both Logan and the man who played him have been repeatedly referenced in the Merc with a Mouth’s two standalone films. Reynolds has even expressed an interest in getting Jackman to feature in the planned X-Force flick, albeit playing himself. And since the Australian star’s days as the clawed mutant look like they could be well and truly over, this idea sounds like it might be the next best thing while staying true to Wade’s brand of meta-humor.

As the moment, it’s hard to get a read of what exactly’s going on with the upcoming Deadpool spinoff movie, but if you want to see what Reynolds is talking about in his new video, The Front Runner comes out on November 21st.