X-Force Director Doesn’t Know What The Future Holds After Disney-Fox Deal


The X-Men saga is in a rather messy state right now, with the planned New Mutants and Dark Phoenix each experiencing their own ongoing production difficulties. With the Fox-Disney merger pushing forward, the time may seem right for a reboot of this tired mutant saga, and yet the question is raised of where exactly this would leave Deadpool and his upcoming X-Force film.

Whereas enthusiasm for the adventures of Professor Xavier and his peers has been in decline in recent years, the public continues to clamor for further outings from the Merc with a Mouth, with this year’s Deadpool 2 coming out to critical acclaim and commercial success. But while Fox is reportedly still soldiering on with its planned X-Men projects, it’s only a matter of time before this deal with Disney brings big changes to the franchise.

When Den of Geek caught up with X-Force director Drew Goddard about his new movie Bad Times at the El Royale, the filmmaker seemed pretty uncertain himself about what was on the horizon

“I tend to focus very intensely on one project at a time,” Goddard said. “I sort of am just finishing up Bad Times here. I think once we do that, once we’ve birthed this movie out into the world, then it’ll be time to [figure out] what’s next, and meet with Ryan, and Fox and Disney, and figure out what makes sense.”

The director was then asked if he and Reynolds wanted X-Force to be Deadpool’s next big screen project.

“I think so. Ryan and I have a very good communication, and we’re both incredibly excited about the opportunities,” he explained. “I think when you’re dealing with billion-dollar mergers, it’s hard to know what’s going to happen to be honest.” He then adds with a laugh, “Like when Disney and Fox are combining, those issues are so far above our paygrade! I’ve learned to just be patient and wait and see what happens, and go from there.”

Whatever the future holds for Deadpool, Disney and Fox are surely aware of the lucrative property they’re dealing with, meaning any impending projects like X-Force are unlikely to scrapped in a hurry. On a related note, if you feel that a PG-13 Wade Wilson is better than no Wade Wilson at all, then you can catch The Deadpool Before Christmas in cinemas from December 21st.

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