Ryan Reynolds confirmed to make MCU history as ‘Deadpool 3’ producer


Ryan Reynolds was always guaranteed to have a huge amount of creative input on the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Deadpool 3, but the real question was how leeway he was going to get under the franchise’s new banner.

After all, of the 27 installments in the superhero series to date, Kevin Feige has been listed as the sole producer on 18 of them, and The Incredible Hulk marks the one and only time so far that another production company other than Marvel Studios was involved (outside of Sony’s Spider-Man collaborations), due to Valhalla Motion Pictures’ overall deal with solo rights holders Universal.

However, a new article from Forbes covering Reynolds’ advertising acumen has confirmed that the actor’s Maximum Effort will be part of the Deadpool 3 producorial team. By extension, that makes him the first on-camera talent in MCU history to be listed as a producer on one of the saga’s comic book blockbusters.

Having previously confirmed that he’s been working on the script, Reynolds is additionally likely to become just the second star to receive a writing credit on one of their MCU adventures, following on from Paul Rudd’s contributions to the two Ant-Man screenplays.

Fans will be breathing a sigh of relief to know that the leading man will be retaining and exerting his influence over Wade Wilson’s continued big screen outings, and it stands to reason that Deadpool 3 will remain true to the irreverent style and tone of its two predecessors, both of which became the highest-grossing R-rated movies ever made at the time of their respective releases.

With the backing of the Marvel and Disney machine, Deadpool 3 could be setting its sights on Joker and looking to go three-for-three whenever it finally comes to theaters.