Ryan Reynolds confirms he’s currently writing ‘Deadpool 3’

Image via Marvel Entertainment

Ryan Reynolds recently celebrated the sixth anniversary of Deadpool escaping from a dozen years trapped in development hell to hit the big screen, but fans are starting to grow more than a touch impatient waiting for the Merc with a Mouth’s next appearance.

The self-aware, fourth wall-breaking assassin has technically made his official Marvel Cinematic Universe debut alongside Taika Waititi’s Korg in a Free Guy trailer breakdown video, which was exactly the sort of ingeniously slick marketing we’ve come to expect from an award-winning advertising executive like Reynolds.

It’s been well over a year since the Molyneux sisters were confirmed to be writing the script for Deadpool 3, but in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter to promote Netflix’s The Adam Project, the star and producer offered a brief update that makes it sound as though he’s in the midst of taking a pass at the screenplay himself.

I finished Spirited in early October, and I didn’t want to shoot anything again until after the summer. There is no absence of busyness at all — I am just home while I work. I’m writing Deadpool 3, working on [other businesses] Mint Mobile, Aviation Gin, MNTN, Maximum Effort and all of the other things that occupy so much of my bandwidth right now.”

Deadpool 3 still doesn’t have a release window, so concrete information remains very hard to come by. Kevin Feige confirmed it as the MCU’s first R-rated feature, while Reynolds hinted that cameras could start rolling before the end of 2022, but so far there’s not even a director in place, so the wait for significant updates goes on.