Ryan Reynolds Creates BBQ Flavored Cocktail, The “Gin Riblet”

Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds may be a beloved actor, but did you also know he’s apparently a mixologist as well?

The Hollywood star famous for playing everyone from Pikachu in Detective Pikachu to Wade Wilson in Deadpool, is pretty well known for tapping into the pop culture zeitgeist on and off the screen.

He’s now apparently using that awareness to heighten the brand of liquor he owns, the Portland, Oregon-based Aviation American Gin, with a new cocktail recipe created by Reynolds himself in apparent homage to the return of McDonald’s McRib sandwich.

Take a look at the post below, which features a shot of gin, a dose of barbecue sauce, and a generous pour of capitalism.

Since the words “McDonalds” and “McRib” don’t appear in the short video, for a drink Reynolds calls the “Gin Riblet,” it doesn’t appear that this is an “official” brand collaboration or anything. Since the restaurant probably wants to maintain its family image as well, we’re guessing it’s for the best they’re not actively participating in selling gin to its audience and instead sticking to marketing that other opiate of the masses, known as fast food.

However, that didn’t stop Reynolds from making a number of cheeky references in the video, such as saying “let me McProve” that Gin and barbecue sauce go together and “bring back Grimace” at the end of the video.

The McDonalds Twitter account even got in on the fun, replying to Reynolds’ post with an ominously staring Grimace in an apparent response to Reynolds’ request.

Would you try the savory drink recipe from Ryan Reynolds? Or do you think he should just stick to acting for the time being? Leave it in the comments below.